Wednesday 3 August 2011

Veronica Roth on Divergent Movie's Screenwriter + Movie Process Info

From Veronica: "Last week I had the great fortune of traveling to California, where the weather was far nicer than in Chicago, which had turned into an oven in my absence. While I was there I did many things, some of which were meeting the people currently involved in the process of turning Divergent into a movie."

One of those people was the screenwriter Evan Daugherty! So what did she make of him?

"As his posture suggests, Evan is a chill dude. He also likes Divergent. Now, that may seem obvious to you (why would he want to write the screenplay if he didn't like Divergent?) but that's not necessarily obvious-- people do things for plenty of reasons, not all of them genuine affection. This very much reassured me.