Friday 30 August 2013

Master Post: Shailene Wodley & Ansel Elgort Filming The Fault in our Stars

Divergent stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are currently filming the movie adaptation of John Green's 'The Fault in our Stars' (expected release date 6 June 2014). They play leads 'Hazel' and Gus'.
Official Accounts: TFIOS Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

We'll be keeping this post updated with the latest pictures/videos from the shoot featuring the two.

October 15/16 Part 2 - Amsterdam - Filming Wrapped

Credit: Incognito/

October 15/16 Part 1 - Amsterdam - Filming Wrapped

Video 3: Filming at Anne Frank's House: HERE

Credit: ishootpeople

Credit: wyck | johngreen | Demi | Gagalynn | bobby | catnippmellark | ironslawrence | MockingJLaw | Tobias_Tris46 | shadowhhunter | Jamie Cook | Sigrid | Sneakerstew

Released today: Joshua Horowitz happy/sad/confused with Shai & Ansel.

October 14/15 - Amsterdam

2 more videos: HERE | HERE (embedding disabled)

Credit: Via

Credit: luke5055

October 14 - Amsterdam


October 12

Credit: kfouche


October 10

Credit: Ansel Elgort

October 9

October 8

John Green: "Taking a selfie of @anselelgort taking a selfie. #tfiosmovie" 
Ansel Elfort:  "The selfie that was taken during @johngreenwritesbooks picture... That's so meta duuuuuuude"

October 6

Credit: Emily

October 4

Q&A with Ansel Elgort and Mike Birbiglia from The Fault in Our Stars Movie Set

Credit: John Green/Ansel Elgort

October 1
Sources: Danielle | Ansel Elgort | Carly |

September 30


September 27


September 21

Shailene went to see 'The XX' in concert
Source: Katie

September 19


September 18

September 16

 source: nicole | lauren | emily jo

September 13

Sources: John Green | Andrea | Hannah | carolivevhale instagram | Kelsey | last 2 unkonwn

September 12

Sources: John Green | Sydney | BryMiscoe | Bridgette | Katie | lauren | djfizz88 |(last: unknown)

 @shailenewoodley: our constellation :)

September 11
Sources: John Green | Wyck Godfrey | Top: Unknown

September 10

Video from the set by John Green, featuring Shailene & Ansel

September 9

 @realjohngreen: "Reunited with the #tfiosmovie cast. With @AnselElgort, @shailenewoodley, and @natandalex."
support group & other cast, many of whom are living with cancer. (Ansel & john, right)
@realjohngreen: Rain delay in Pittsburgh (shailene pictured)

September 7

Shailene posing for pictures with fans
Source (If you are the owner of these pictures let us know so we can credit you)

September 6

Source: Ansel Elgort

September 5

John Green took part in a live chat in which he talked about Shailene & Ansel, among other movie related things: (watch here)
  • Seeing Shailene & Ansel bring the characters come to life was very weird, but very powerful, "I'll never experience something like that again."
  • "It's so much fun hanging out with Ansel & Shailene, they're getting along great!"  
  • He says they're both very smart.
  • TFIOS is #1 bestseller in Brazil.
  • He loved the Divergent trailer.
  • They both know the book better than him!

September 4

September 3

Sources: shailenearmy | yourprimadonnagirl

August 30

 John Green: "Reading 'Oh the Places You'll Go'
 on the set of the #tfiosmovie with Shailene Woodley.

August 29

Shailene with Fans
the fault in our stars shailene woodley FAULT IN OUR STARS SHAILENE HAZEL GRACE
Sources: Credence | Alessandra  | Maria  / julia

On Set
Source: Shailenewoodleydaily

Other pics:

John Green: Ansel's stand-in, John Green, Ansel

Director Josh Boone: Did I get some Buffy goodness into TFIOS movie? You know I did.

28 August

Shooting hoops at Riverview High School

August 27

Video from John Green on the set

August 26

Source: Ansel Elgort

Other pictures (mostly before filming)

 Sources: | | / Ansel Elgort | Credence

Buy the book HERE | The Fault in our Stars Movie Info IMDB


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