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Divergent At Comic Con 2013: The Divergent Panel & Press Line (Master Post)


July 18 2013: Today was the day that the Divergent movie was featured at Comic Con, at the infamous Hall H. And what an amazing day it was! There was a press conference, Q&A with the cast, plus exclusive footage of the movie shown to attendees. We've spent months fangirling over even the smallest set picture featuring the cast, and suddenly we a whole ton of pictures, videos & interviews.

We have everything from the panel covered in this post, including videos from the panel, panel pictures, press lining pictures, the signing afterwards, fan pictures & more. Everything else from Comic con is here linked:

Master posts: Press Conference: Here | After Party: Here | Interviews: Here

No video of the exclusive clip shown, but there is a small 2 second preview courtesy of Summit Entertainment below.

Cast/Crew that attended: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Amy Newbold, Ansel Elgort, Ben Lamb, Ben Lloyd Hughes, Christian Madsen, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, director Neil Burger, and author Veronica Roth.


Panel Pictures by Geeks of Doom

Portrait of Veronica Roth (Alex Washburn)



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The Panel (no movie footage)

Short version

Full version (3 parts. Thanks @IAmDivergentcom)

A few seconds of the Divergent Footage Shown at the panel (mostly audio) is featured in the video below, at the 2.49 mark. You can hear Jai Courtney (Eric) talking to the initiates at the entrance of Dauntless HQ. He says: "Listen up. This is the way in..."

Summit Ent B-Roll: Mix of Clips From The Panel

The footage clip in a seperate video

Screencap from the footage

Picture taken by a fan attending the panel

Description of the Divergent footage shown:

The extended clip began with Tris’ jump onto and from the train as a new Dauntless with her friend Christina, and then continuing to volunteer and jump off the roof into Dauntless headquarters. The clip also introduced Four helping Tris off of the net, and Tris’s selection of her new identity. The clip continued into a sizzle reel of Dauntless training, complete with impressive flips, gunfighting, and crowdsurfing. Other snippets included a shot of Tris taking the Faction test and receiving her tattoos, and a shot of Kate Winslet as Erudite leader, Jeanine. The reel ended with Four hurling his knives at Tris, the final knife leaving her with blood on her ear. (Via Hypable)

Movie Guide TV coverage of the panel

Fan Videos from the panel

Signing after the panel

Liveblog of the panel by Hypable:

: Divergent is first. We will head back over to Ender's Game in about 30 minutes
: On stage: Moderator Chris Hardwick, author Veronica Roth, stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James and director Neil Burger.
: Roth and Burger are explaining the plot of Divergent.
: Burger: "We just finished shooting two days ago, on Tuesday morning"
: Burger is introducing a show reel but prefacing by saying it is "directly from shooting"
: Amazing clip! They show us a show reel of Tris in Dauntless - running to catch the train, jumping onto the roof, jumping off the roof. Then we see her training, fighting, and yes - with Four.
: Woodley: "I never saw her [Tris] as an action star, I saw her as a very normal young woman"
: Hardwick: "Theo, I am very comfortable saying that you're a dreamy fellow"
: Hardwick to James: "Listening to your accent, half the audience just got pregnant"
: James: "[Four] is quite old school. He's not afraid to demonstrate what he is afraid of"
: Woodley and James are talking about how Divergent changed the way they view bravery
: Joining them on stage: Ansel Elgort, Zoe Kravitz, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Ben Lamb, Miles Teller
: Maggie Q: "I didn't understand how much I would enjoy being around this cast"
: "It was definitely the best experience of my life, getting to be park of a crew like this" - Elgort
: "It was definitely the best experience of my life, getting to be park of a crew like this" - Elgort
: Having some internet trouble, but we are going to audience questions now!
: Roth asked what she sees in the film that she doesn't see in the book.
: Roth says it is more about reminding her of things she had forgotten
: Before audience questions - Zoe Kravitz said her favourite scene to film was the dining hall scene because they were crowd surfing for 45 minutes.
: Q: Is there anything new you came to in this role that you hadn't experience in another role you played?
: James: "An American accent"
: All the cast members are trying out different accents, they seem to have forgotten about the question.
: Q: For those who read the book, what scene were you most looking forward to filming?
: The cast are talking about the difficulties of the train scene, especially translating from book to film and making it look easy
: Q for Veronica: "Has Four and Tris' relationship been accurately portrayed in the film?"
: Veronica: "I kept myself away from set on the days they were doing anything...smoochy"
: "I think they have done an incredibly good job and I am so excited for you guys to see it" - Roth
: Last audience question: What similarities do you have with your characters?
: Maggie: "Dauntless is pretty bang on, that's a big part of my personality"
: Ansel: "Caleb in the movie is really tall, and so am I in real life. We're actually the same height, it's weird"
: Theo: "I am very protective of Shai in real life, I don't even let her to go to the bathroom by herself"
: "I really admire Dauntless because of the bravery that's involved in their faction,
: "I really admire Dauntless because of the bravery that's involved in their faction, and I like to think that I'm brave" - Shailene Woodley
: The other cast members are assuring Shailene that she is brave. It's very cute.
: "Peter is not very likeable," says Miles Teller, "but Peter and I both like classical music, and we both brush our teeth in the shower. He's a good guy, he's misunderstood."
: And they are showing the footage again!
: The footage also shows Tris and Four climbing the carousel, and the knife scene between them.

Fan Pictures

Picture by official @Divergent

Above pics by PagetoPremiere

Divergent banner at Lionsgate/Summit booth

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Pictures By The Cast


High-Res Pictures: Zimbio

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