Tuesday 29 October 2013

Master Post: ALLEGIANT Book Promo Tour with Veronica Roth - Photos, Interviews, Tour Events

Divergent author Veronica Roth spent the weeks following the ALLEGIANT release, traveling around on tour to promote the book. The tour includes stops in Chicago, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, and even the UK. The events featured readings from one of the unpublished 'Four' short stories, Divergent scenes from Four POV, book signings, Q&As & special guests. Check out the pictures, videos and interviews in this dedicated master post.

Next Tour Stops: London - Nov 6 | Charleston -  Nov 9. More info HERE

October 22 

Happy Allegiant Release Day!
Credit: CaitlinBell

    Veronica Roth Chicago Tribune Feature: 
    "I've been feeling really weird," she said, watching commuter traffic crawl west along I-88, sipping at her cup. "There are all these people who are going to read 'Allegiant,' right? And they expect something of me. They will want this series to end well. They have high expectations. Yet I have this feeling of impending doom. Or is it —" she raised an eyebrow — "impending awesome? There are a million copies of this book going out!"  
    Read the rest HERE

     Event: NYC 92nd Street Y ALLEGIANT Tour Stop with Veronica Roth, & special guests Ansel Elgort, Christian Madsen (Al & Caleb in the Divergent movie)

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    Credit: Epic Reads & Ansel Elgort
    Credit: TrisandFour

    October 23 

    Epic Reads Divergent Tea time Chat to Celebrate the Release of Allegiant


    Funny How to Host a Faction Tea Party with Veronica Roth

    ALLEGIANT Week with Epic Reads feat. Veronica Roth, Ansel Elgort, Christina Madsen


    Interviews with Veronica

    Interview with Better Connecticut

    Allegiant iBooks Twitter Chat with Veronica Roth:

    iBooks: What was the inspiration for #Divergent?
    Veronica: Learning about exposure therapy in psych class led to the idea for Dauntless. The other factions came later!
    This is what the fear simulations are supposed to be: WikiLink
    iBooks: The #Divergent Series has such an intricate plot. Do you have a method for keeping the storyline straight?
    Veronica: I wrote Divergent without an outline, but found that I had to start planning in advance! By the time we got to #Allegiant, I had a VERY detailed outline. Consistency issues in Insurgent led me to make lists and charts for book 3
    iBooks: Who is your favorite character in the #Divergent Series to develop and why?
    Veronica: Tris was my favorite to develop-- I loved how her understanding of selflessness changes throughout the series, and how she grieves deeply and overcomes grief, and generally how her worldview changes over time.
    iBooks: When you first sat down and began writing, did you ever imagine your book would one day become a movie?
    Veronica: No! I didn't even let myself imagine that it could be a book! I'm a defensive pessimist by nature so when things work out, it surprises me. In a good way.
    iBooks: What book or book series did you love reading growing up?
    Veronica: HARRY POTTER. The Giver (& all Lois Lowry). A Wrinkle in Time. The Abhorsen series (Garth Nix). Animorphs! Dune.
    iBooks: How do you feel about coming to the end of the #Divergent series?
    Veronica: Mostly I'm excited to share the rest of the story with everyone, but sad to let the characters go. Bittersweet!
    iBooks: (Fan question) Which book was the hardest to write?
    Veronica: Insurgent was hard bc I was just getting used to the idea that people would read my writing! (Ahh!) But Allegiant posed a LOT of narrative challenges (POVs! Explanations! etc.) & thematic challenges. Hard to say which was harder-- maybe equally difficult, for different reasons.
    iBooks: (fan question) How do you get into the writing mood? Do you have a specific routine or just when you feel like it?
    Veronica: I try not to rely on mood, or I'd take forever to finish anything! I write once a day. But a cup of tea and just getting my feet on the writing treadmill makes that easier.
    iBooks: (fanquestion) Do you find it easier or harder writing in 2 POVs? (tris and tobias in Allegiant)
    Veronica: MUCH harder! Keeping the voices distinct is a big challenge. But I really loved doing it. So interesting to have two characters reacting differently to the same situation on the page
    iBooks: (fan question) Do you ever read your own books? Do you feel different about your characters after?
    Veronica: I do. Mostly for consistency while writing the next one. But I do like rediscovering why I loved them enough to write them, which I do when I reread. That's why I'll reread Allegiant. Sometimes I discover new things about chrs after a reread, which is...really weird!
    iBooks: (fan question) Got any advice for how to recover after reading #Allegiant? Because It's been a day and I'm still a wreck.
    Veronica: First of all *GIANT INTERNET HUGS* recommend a comfort read or TV watch? To recover from HP7 I watched Friends. And ate fun snacks.

    Tweets from Divergent movie cast and crew

    Event: Dallas ALLEGIANT Tour Stop: Book signing & reading of a Four POV scene from Divergent

    Link: Video and Transcript of the Four Scene here

    Fans queued up from 4.30am
    Credit: Dallas News
    Credit: @VeronicaRoth

    October 24

    VH1 Spreecast Chat with Veronica Roth

    Event: San Francisco ALLEGIANT Tour Stop - Q&A & Reading


    Click to Watch: Veronica Roth Reading An Excerpt From a Four P.O.V. Novella

    Credit: 8BitCommunity

    October 26 

    Event: Chicago ALLEGIANT Tour Stop - Watch the Full Event

    Credit: MargotWood
    Credit: Kimber
     Credit: Ditacannon

    November 3

     Dublin, Ireland, UK Tour Stop

    Full Event + Veronica Reading a Divergent Scene from Four POV (Transcript HERE)

    @ssydrians: Veronica said she regretted killing Tris' father because she would have liked to explore how he would have delt with Tris being a killer



    November 4/5

    UK Promo - including presenting the Divergent trailer to press with Shailene Woodley

    Credit: @NewLookFashion | @MissRDark | glenn | fourcolemangetty | Tufayel

    November 6

    London, UK Tour Stop 

    The event included the surprise appearance of Divergent movie star Shailene Woodley! Shailene was hidden in the back during the event until Veronica announced her, and then joined the author on stage!

    See more pictures & the sources HERE | HERE

    November 9

    YALLfest in Charleston

    See all the pictures, videos, & sources HERE

    Veronica deserves a well earned rest after all that.

    Credit: EW


    1. Hahaha. The ending got me. (lol) I love this series. This is one of those books that actually looked good on screen as well, thanks to great acting talents. I would definitely want to attend a reading maybe in one of those geeky Chicago event venues, maybe a rustic cafe. I always feel at ease to discuss art in those places for some reason.

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