Wednesday 6 November 2013

Veronica Roth & Shailene Woodley at the London Allegiant Tour Event

Veronica Roth's latest stop on the ALLEGIANT tour was to London, UK. The event included a reading of a deleted Four novella scene, a book signing session, screening of the trailer, and.... the surprise appearance of Divergent movie star Shailene Woodley! Shailene was hidden in the back during the event until Veronica announced her, and then joined the author on stage!

Veronica Roth asks Shailene Woodley questions on stage

Veronica reads the Four POV Scene (we posted another version here + transcript)


Fan Katie shared her experience of the event: 

I’m going to say this straight away: that was the best author event I have ever been to!!!
First, Veronica came up on stage and had to have her mic readjusted because she’s a lot taller than you think! Then she read an outtake from one of her Free Four stories about Tris being the first jumper into Dauntless. Then we got a Q&A with some very thoughtful questions. THEN, Shaileene Woodley appeared on stage! I saw that she was in London this morning, but didn’t expect her to show up here! After Veronica asked Shai a few questions, we got shown the teaser trailer (everyone screamed when Four appeared!) Shai left shortly after that and the signing began. I was in the back third of the cinema so I didn’t get up till about 8:15, but I had a great chat with the girl sat next to me about Allegiant’s ending, other author signings coming up and ranting about all the books and movies coming out at the same time respectively. Eventually I got to Veronica and gave her A5 prints of my realistic Tris and Tobias paintings… and she loved them!!! She thought the hearts were really cute and told me how impressed she was with my drawings. Then she asked if I was sure I really wanted to give them to her! :D After that I was a bit of an embarrassed, twitchy mess, but I thanked her profusely after explaining I drew them so I could visualize the cast in their roles. Then I got given a goodie bag with Dauntless and Amity badges, Erudite and Faction wristbands and also a postcard of Allegiant with the UK cover.

I was having a hard time keeping my grin under control but my fangirling has calmed down since I’m now on a train full of businessmen playing with their phones!

I was super impressed with Waterstones for putting up this event. It was brilliantly done and a fangirl could want for nothing more (except maybe a surprise appearance from Theo James!)
I’m a VERY happy fangirl! :D

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