Friday 20 July 2012

UK Interview With Veronica Roth

Thanks to The Modge Podge Bookshelf for this great interview:
What were the challenges of getting back into Triss’s head after everything that happened to her in Divergent? Did you find that you had to approach her differently? 
VR: The biggest challenge was learning how to do justice to her immense grief and guilt. Everyone reacts to loss differently. In the early drafts of Insurgent, I felt like Tris wasn't grieving at all, and in the middle drafts, she was too isolated-- I finally found ways to show those difficult, painful emotions in ways that made sense for her, like her inability to hold a gun, or her nightmares, or the triggers that set off painful memories. She's also not quite the same person I knew in Divergent. She's been forced to grow up and to expand her idea of what's important—not factions, but love, and sacrifice.