Wednesday 12 November 2014

New Official INSURGENT Poster!

The INSURGENT treats just keep coming! Here's the official poster. Tying in nicely with the just released INSURGENT teaser clip, it shows Tris floating through Chicago on a burning Abnegation house. There's no way anyone saw this coming! "But what does it mean???" you ask? Well since this is taken from what must be a 'fear landscape', we're guessing it's a symbol of Tris overcoming her fears and inner demons. A major theme in INSURGENT. Pretty clever huh? Plus it looks epic.

First Official INSURGENT Teaser - Defy Reality

It's here. ITS HERE!!!!. Our first taste of INSURGENT. Watch the first official teaser clip right now. When we've composed ourselves we'll break it down.

Sunday 9 November 2014

INSURGENT Character Posters in HQ

Now that you've finished playing with the animated INSURGENT posters, check them out in a less-animated but high-res quality below. The original DIVERGENT movie posters were cool, and we're happy to see they have done it again this time round. Now go forth and make fan art!