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The DIVERGENT trilogy playlists by author Veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth’s playlist for songs that
inspired DIVERGENT as seen on the official Divergent Facebook:

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1.“Starts With One” by Shiny Toy Guns
  • This song gets me in touch with the good aspects of Beatrice’s chosen faction.
2. “Chasm” by Flyleaf
  • And this song gets me in touch with the bad aspects of Beatrice’s chosen faction.
3. “Come Alive” by Foo Fighters

  • This is the love interest’s song for Beatrice.
4. “Again” by Flyleaf
  • And this is Beatrice’s song for the love interest.
5. “Help I’m Alive” by Metric
  • Beatrice’s initiation song.
6. “We Die Young” by The Showdown
  • This might as well be the theme song for Beatrice’s chosen faction—it’s what they would choose for themselves.
7. “Canvas” by Imogen Heap
  • This is the “riding on trains” song.
8. “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo
  • The tone of this song matches the tone of much of the book, for me.
9. “Sweet Sacrifice” by Evanescence
  • I was listening to this song when the first scene I wrote (in
    chapter 6) popped into my head. That scene led me to the world of the
    book and its basic plot.
10. “Arise” by Flyleaf
  • A powerful song that’s perfect for chapters 38 and 39. You’ll see

Others mentioned:

There's no proper Insurgent playlist
released yet, but here are the songs Veronica posted on tumblr, twitter & interviews while
writing/editing Insurgent:

Posted by Veronica in an Interview with Omnivoracious:

"The music selection process
can be tricky, because if I can't find the right song, sometimes it's
hard for me to work, which is not ideal! I don't pay attention to genre
at all—only to what kind of scene it makes me see. Here are a few of the
songs I listened to while writing and revising INSURGENT:"

  • I don't think anyone could describe Tris as “innocent” after the things
    she's done and seen, but I do think of her as a person of substance, so
    these lyrics struck me.
  • There isn't really a specific part of this song that applies to the
    book, but I listened to it during quite a few action sequences while
    writing the book, so the general feeling is right.
  • I believe this qualifies as a Dauntless-on-the-verge-of-war song. It's very 'Tris in themiddle of Insurgent.'
  • This one sort of surprised me, because I heard it randomly one day and just stopped
    in the middle of what I was doing, because it captured the situation of
    Insurgent so perfectly—a group of people who Tris calls “creatures of
    loss,” facing an enemy they don't feel strong enough to defeat.
  • There are a lot of moments in INSURGENT in which Tris feels overwhelmed. This song is good for that sort of thing.

Posted on tumblr by Veronica while writing/editing Insurgent:

6. "Together" by The Kin
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • "I know that I am nothing new, There’s so much more than me and you, But brother, how we must atone, Before we turn to stone." (tumblr)
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • Today’s writing song was also a writing song for Divergent. (tumblr)
  • Today’s writing song.(tumblr)
  • “Never let your fear decide your fate.” (tumblr)
  • "Echoes and silence, Patience and grace, All of these moments, I’ll never replace, No fear of my heart, No absence of faith, All I want is to be home". (tumblr)
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • Today's writing song. (tumblr)
  • "Today’s Editing Song: "Now watch me rise up and leave all the ashes you made out of me" (tumblr)
  • Today’s writing song. (tumblr)

Posted on twitter by Veronica while writing/editing Insurgent:

  • Today's writing song. (twitter)
  • Today’s Insurgent writing song (which has little to do with the book, but whatever) (twitter)
  • An uncharacteristically quiet song for the writing today. (twitter)
  • I feel like this is a Four/Tris song, somehow. #cheesygoodness (twitter)
  • Some Amity-channeling. (twitter)
  • More Amity channeling. Someday you’ll know what part of the book I’m at. Or I’ll tell you. (twitter)
  • This song is so Tris and Tobiasy. I’ve had it on repeat all day. (twitter)


There's no proper Book 3 playlist yet, but here are the songs Veronica has posted on tumblr while
writing/editing it:

  • A book 3 song. (tumblr)
  • 'Detergent' (joke title) writing song. (tumblr)
  • Today’s book 3 writing song. (tumblr)
  • Book 3 writing song. (tumblr)
  • Writing song. Especially at 3:09 or so. (tumblr)

All by Florence & The Machine.

  • The songs that are pretty much writing book 3 for me at this point (okay, not really, but they’re fantastic.) (tumblr)
  • Writing song. (tumblr)
  • Not usually the biggest Coldplay fan, but this one is lovely and moody and sweet. (tumblr)
  • Book 3 revising song. (tumblr)
  • Revising song. My friend, the lovely Kirsten Hubbard, introduced me to this song and it has since become a Tris/Four-ish revising song. (tumblr)
  • This is an excellent writing song. I heard it in the new Game of Thrones trailer and am now listening to the EP on repeat. (tumblr)
  • Revision song: The Beasts of the Southern Wild score is amazing. I’ve been listening to it nonstop since I saw the movie a few days ago. (tumblr)