Monday 28 October 2013

MTV: First SPOILER-filled ALLEGIANT Interview with Veronica Roth + She Blogs Her In-Depth Thoughts

MTV EXCLUSIVE: 'Allegiant' Author Veronica Roth Explains Conclusion Of 'Divergent' Trilogy'. This is the first interview in which Veronica has spoken about how the series ended. Big spoilers here, guys! You have been warned! If you haven't finished reading Allegiant, come back and watch this at a later date.

From Veronica's Blog: "All week, people who had read Allegiant were asking me the same question, and people on the Internet were asking, too. I answered it very briefly in the spoilery MTV interview that went up today, but I wanted to post a longer answer that goes a little deeper for those of you who are interested. I'm trying to be very careful about marking spoilers, so hopefully all this works:"
Click HERE to read.

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