Tuesday 22 October 2013

Veronica Roth Answers DivergentLife's Question About the Ending of ALLEGIANT on NPR

Note: Don't listen if you want to avoid reviews until you finish the book.

Veronica Roth appeared on Here and Now radio show to promote Allegiant (released today) and was interviewed by host Robin, who also asked a question on behalf of DivergentLife.com! (Yay). Watch the video to hear Veronica answering our question.

After reading the EW review a few days earlier, we wanted to know the thought process behind writing the ending of the book (though we havent finished reading it yet!). Veronica replies that she always knew how she wanted the series to end. “I was sure of it from the very beginning, what would do justice to these characters and this story, and I feel very strongly that this is the best possible ending for this book,” Roth said. Veronica also says she will some day talk about how this was set up in each book. Watch to hear the full answer.
Thanks to Here & Now & @hereandnowrobin 

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  1. The ending was just a distraction of how awfully written the book was. I loved the two first books but after I cried my heart out I realized that everything was wrong since the very beginning of this book. If you read it, you'll love it or hate it.