Monday 11 November 2013

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Veronica Roth at YALLfest

Divergent series author Veronica Roth appeared at YALLfest in Charleston, which included a Keynote Conversation with Rae Carson, presented by Epic Reads & HarperTeen. We've posted a few videos and pictures from the festival.

That wraps up the ALLEGIANT tour for Veronica, don't forget to check our tour master post (link in the side bar.)

Thanks to all those who shared pictures, videos and updates along the way!

From the Keynote Conversation

Dancing/singing on Stage 


Video: Sarah | Kylie. Photo credits: CaseyMcintyre | DivergentSociety | RansomRiggs | RedCarpetEndings | Melissa | ditacannon | itsr4y | JenBerryHawes | Marie_Lu | DivergentNation

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