Monday 11 November 2013

READ: Our Reaction to an Early Look at the New Official DIVERGENT Movie Trailer!

Remember when we said BIG things were on the way? The new Dauntless Character Posters revealed last week were just the start.

A NEW DIVERGENT TRAILER IS COMING. Check out the screenshot above. As you may have heard yesterday, Shailene Woodley announced the OFFICIAL Divergent trailer will be revealed on Wednesday 13th November. (If you're unfamiliar with how trailers are usually released, the previous trailer was a teaser trailer, this is the full length one.)

And here is what we've been dying to share with you:

The movie gods have looked down upon us and blessed us with an early look at the trailer. We've had to wait until now to share our reactions, which is just as well because trying to type while freaking out and hugging the screen is neither easy nor dignified, and wouldn't have been very informative.

This is just our initial reaction, we don't want to spoil it for you so we'll go into more detail and break it down after the trailer is publicly released and we can all watch together.

You know that moment when you meet your favorite celebrity and afterwards you can't recall a single thing they said because it was too much for your brain to process? Yeah, our first viewing went something like that. So we immediately watched it again. And again. (In the set amount of time we had)

For the first half of the trailer we had CHILLS. It does a great job of laying down the foundation, clearly explaining the basis of the movie and the start of Tris' journey. We get a glimpse at scenes we've been dying to see.

Here is our reaction to the second half of the trailer, in the universal language of GIFs:


You'd better prepare yourselves because if you're anything like us, it's going to BLOW YOU AWAY.
Think you know what to expect after watching the previous trailer? We did too. You haven't seen anything yet. We are genuinely THRILLED and SO EXCITED for you to see this and cant wait for everyone's reactions, which are half the fun. 2 days!!!!

Take your phone off the hook, call in sick, excuse yourself from company, and join us to watch the official trailer reveal on Wednesday.

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