Sunday 9 October 2011

FAQ With Veronica: The Random Edition

Veronica Roth answers some of the fans burning questions in this FAQ, including info about Four, and the books. Check it out below:
What's Four's last name?
I have an official response to this question, and it is: you'll find out if you read Insurgent. Although I feel like I should add to that that it's not some huge shocking reveal. It's just that Four is so careful about using his name. He only does it when he has to. So I want you guys to feel the significance of it just like Tris does, even though it's not a shock.

What color is Four's hair?
The first time someone mentioned that I never said what color Four's hair is in Divergent, I refused to believe it. But then I double-checked, and realized that I didn't, actually. So, for the official record, his hair is dark brown.

What's Tris's eye color?
This one I did actually include in Divergent, but it's only there once or twice, so, again for the official record, her eyes are blue.

Who would you cast as Tris/Tobias?
In the past, I've responded to this in a few different ways, depending on my mood. I've said that I don't care who it is, even if they don't look quite right, as long as they're good at acting. (True.) I've said I like "nobodies." (Also true.) And I've said that I think Tris looks like Mia Wasikowska. (Still true.) And that I have no freaking idea who looks like Tobias. (This is the most true.)

Do you intend to write more books after this series?
Yes. But I'm taking one thing at a time.

How many books are in the series?
Some people ask this, I think, because the faction symbols are on the covers, and there are five faction symbols (therefore: five books, right?). But no. There will be three books, that is all.

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