Friday 19 April 2013

Divergent Character 'Uriah' Wont Be Cast Until Movie #2

It began as rumour.. but we're sad to say it has turned out to be true.

While it's disappointing, it does sound like they're dedicated to fully develop his character properly in 'Insurgent'. A few actors had previously read for the part of Uriah which made this news even more surprising, so I wonder whether they didn't find anyone good enough for the role, and didn't want to be forced to cast someone who wasn't exactly right. Better to have the perfect Uriah for movie 2 than a lame Uriah we wouldn't have been happy with, right?

Divergent Examiner got confirmation today
: "As a lot of "Divergent" fans have noticed, one book-based character which has not yet been cast for the film adaptation is Uriah, the Dauntless-born initiate who buddies up with Tris throughout the faction initiation process.

An anonymous source close to the situation exclusively reports today that they will be reserving the character for movie two, "Insurgent" - if and when the second installment is given the greenlight - so as to more properly introduce and represent the character on-screen.
While Uriah does appear in the first book of Veronica Roth's "Divergent Trilogy," the character's arcs are much more developed and central in the second installment.

Since the start of production, fans have been speculating that this decision might be the case."
Production on "Divergent" is currently underway in Chicago, Illinois.

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