Sunday 14 April 2013

New Pictures: Veronica Roth with Divergent Cast Members 'Peter' & 'Al'

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Veronica Roth has been visiting the set of Divergent and spending time with the cast. Pictured above with Miles and Christian in the now infamous 'picture coat', used to hide their costumes.

From Miles Teller:
@Miles_Teller: Me & @VeronicaRoth chattin "Peter" and all things #Divergent
@VeronicaRoth: @Miles_Teller The picture coat! (Great meeting you today.)

@newbieames: @VeronicaRoth, thanks for the visit! What a treat to learn the creator of this world is such a cool, fun lady! #Divergent 
@VeroincaRoth: @newbieames It was so nice to meet you (and compare heights with you, haha)! Stay warm!

@VeronicaRoth great meeting you. Thanks for the kind words. #picturejacket

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