Friday 14 June 2013

FAN ENCOUNTER: Theo James Signs Fans Divergent Books On Set

theshadowhunters: I MET THEO JAMES..... AGAIN!!!! They let me and a 4 other fans go onto set where we met theo!!! We talked to him for. Like 10 minutes and he signed my book... TWICE!!! He was in his costume so we couldn't take any pictures but the photographer did and will send us them later!!!! Ahhhh #divergent
Ditacannon: "For all those wondering, we got pictures but he was in costume so they'll send them to us when they are done filming! Shai signed my book on a random page, so Theo was like, "is this a challenge? I must choose a page where it says FOUR IS TOUGH AND STRONG." (he signed page 295)

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