Sunday 12 May 2013

INTERVIEWS: Veronica Roth Chats About Allegiant, Movie Casting, & 'Uriah'

A few lucky fans and websites got to meet and interview author Veronica Roth, in which she spoke about the casting of the Divergent movie, Book 3 - Allegiant, Theo/Four, and the missing 'Uriah'...

From PagetoPremiere:
Q: Can you describe Theo James as Four in four words?
A: In four words?
Q: See the pun there?
A: Let me think. Okay. So…handsome, intense, and sensitive. And, I don’t know, badass? Is that good?

Q: Was Allegiant always the title or did you go through different ideas?
A: I did not go through different ideas. It was always Allegiant. It was always the title.

Q: Will you ever write from Four or any other character’s point of view?
A: I wouldn’t rule it out as far as sort of like, side material. Sort of like Free Four was. What I discovered when I wrote Free Four was its incredibly difficult to write a scene from another character’s perspective, because you have to keep consulting the original to make sure that it lines up. Then you have to keep the whole frame of the story in mind. It was so hard that I was like I don’t know if I could ever do it as a full length thing. It was fun, but yeah, it’s definitely a challenge.

Q: News broke on twitter that Uriah is not going to be in the movie and fans are going crazy. Can you comment on that at all?
A: I will say, its obviously super disappointing when your fan favorite doesn’t make it into the first movie. But I will say that I am comforted that they didn’t slap-dash cast someone. I am happy that they are going to take their time casting someone for the second and the third who will be able to do justice to the role. I mean, yeah, that’s how I feel about that.

Q: On set, were you able to see kinda first hand the chemistry between Four and Tris in real life? Like is it really happening?
A: Yes. Actually when I saw the screen test I pulled away and I went like this (wipes brow). It was really good. There is a reason they cast him.

Q: Do you know if Theo has read Free Four?
A: I don’t know if he’s read Free Four. I didn’t ask him. I know he’s read the book and probably the second one at this point. When I talked to him he was just starting the second one. I don’t know about Free Four. I am sure that someone has passed it on to him. Cause I mean how do you pass that up, from your characters perspective? It’s not very long.

Q: Lots of fans comment on the characters’ age that have been cast. Do you have any comments on that?
A: I think that headshots look a lot older than people. When I was meeting them in real life, I was like “Oh yeah, this is not a problem!” Like seeing them all together. They definitely look younger than you’d think. I was most concerned about the age gap like looking okay. Cause obviously, Shailene, I think she’s six years younger than Theo. It doesn’t really look that way. I think if you cast an actual 16 year old and an actual 18 year old they don’t look the same age. Especially if the 18 year old is a boy. I think that would actually look kinda creepy. So, I am really happy with the maturity of the actors. I think that was crucial to making that movie work. By casting older actors they have definitely gotten some of that maturity. It’s amazing. I think the cast looks great.

Q: Talking about the actors, which actor do you think was cast the best to your vision of the character?
A: That’s a good question. Who is the best? Actually I think Theo is the closest to how I imagined four. Also I think Maggie Q as Tori is really spot on. I mean I have seen her on Nikita. She’s already Dauntless! It’s all there.


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