Saturday 1 June 2013

New Picture of Ansel Elgort with Fans in Chicago

Here is a new fan picture of Ansel Elgort outside the set of Divergent.

Sylvia Carlsona and her friend were lucky enough to meet him today. She tweeted:

"@AnselElgort it was incredible meeting you! Thanks so much for the hug :) (and my bff @MicaelaSears )"
"And Ansel tweeted: Just met some awesome fans outside of the set of #divergent ! R you guys gonna put up the pics we took! I wana RT them! :)"

Also today, Ashely Judd tweeted about the going onto the Dauntless set:

"Real time report; I just walked into the world of #Dauntless & it is **amazing.** @Divergent"

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