Friday 31 May 2013

INTERVIEW + PHOTOSHOOT: Theo James in Bello Magazine (March 2013)

Awesome photoshoot with Theo James in Bello magazine. Check out the rest of the pictures below, and read about his first impressions of LA, living in NYC, and getting recognized for Downton Abbey.   

Magazine Scans 

Interview Outtakes

ON GETTING RECOGNIZED FOR HIS ROLE ON ‘DOWNTON ABBEY’: “I got it in England. I got it from this little old granny who lived downstairs. When I first moved into my apartment she came through, and I opened the door and she was like ‘Ooh hello!’ and I was like, ‘Hi. I’m the tenant upstairs. I just moved in.’ And she was like, ‘I see, I see.’ And she double took and went, ‘Oh my gosh, Mr. Pamuk!’ I felt like snogging her. I thought that would be the romantic thing to do. So yes, it does happen. Not loads, but…”

ON LIVING AND WORKING IN NYC: “I loved it. It was very easy but intense…I’m kind of obsessed with it. I love the culture and the vibe and iconicity of it and the island of Manhattan being so small and filled with that kind of hyper-exuberance that you don’t get anywhere else.”

HIS FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF L.A: He came when he was 18 and broke. While traveling on a bus…“There was this big, overweight woman in a gray sweatpant suit, and she kept staring at me, and she was like, ‘What? What?’ looking at this young and innocent 18-year-old. And then she just started pissing herself. I could see the piss just etching out of her gray jumpsuit. And the whole time saying, ‘What’s your problem?’ So that was my first impression. That was before I was an actor.”

L.A. DREAM SPOT? “Venice. I love the beach and walking around near the trendy shops.”

Source via TheoJames.Org

You can read the interview below (page 71)


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