Friday 28 June 2013

Veronica Roth on the Divergent Movie Set + Filming Ends on the Abnegation Set

Veronica Roth was on the Divergent set again recently, here she is pictured with one of the clapper-boards, a classic pose.

Filming on the Abnegation set at Wells street, which has seen a lot of action recently, looks to have come to a finish as the concrete houses are now being taken down. We have to admit it makes us little sad after months of keeping watch over this site. It's been great fun. On the plus side, we're one step closer to the finished movie.

Pictures from the set this week and of the demolition after the cut.There is also a photo of film crews set up at navy pier. Possibly they were there to get some shots they missed first time round.

Demolition of the Abnegation set: June 27/28

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Up-close pictures from the set this week

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Image from Navy pier: Filming crew spotted

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