Wednesday 3 July 2013

FAN PICTURES: Shailene Woodley Greets Fans at the Divergent Set (July 3)

Shailene Woodley stopped to say hi to fans outside the Divergent set today, and posed for some great photos (more below). Also spotted briefly today was Kate Winslet who is playing Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews, but she was too quick to be caught on camera. Our dear fans can certainly be forgiven for being struck motionless due to shock.

@ChicagoSwifty: I just saw Kate Winslet kissed and wave to her husband. #omfg #shaking #shelookedatme oh Shit. Her erudite outfit.

: Holy crap just saw Kate Winslet. #divergent

Picture sources: Fealesslove13 | Shelby19wilson | ChicagoSwifty

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