Saturday 6 July 2013

SET PICTURES: Choosing Ceremony Set, Zoe Kravitz, + Ansel Elgort with Fans (July 5/6)

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Here are the latest pictures from the set of Divergent, where they are filming the Choosing Ceremony! The shoot is taking place inside the 'Seventeenth Church of Christ' in Chicago. You can see how the interior normally looks below.
Ansel Elgort posed for pictures with fans (more below), and cast member Dion shared a picture with him and Zoe Kravitz. Check out the rest of the pictures after the cut.

Extras waiting to film the Choosing Ceremony

Faction extras on the streets, heading to set loading

Picture of the crew and filming trucks, and Ansel with fans

Ansel Elgort shared this picture from the set of the choosing ceremony, you can see the seats they sit on in the background and people in Abnegation costume

Pictures of the exterior and the usual interior of the church they are filming in.

The street exterior being dresses to look more dystopian


RT : Mannnn the Choosing Ceremony is gonna be a fan favorite no kidding. Awesome thing to witness #divergent
RT : Kate is amazing...but absolutely terrifying
@tonygoldwyn thank you to you, @AshleyJudd @shailenewoodley & Kate Winslet for making it great studying your craft on the divergent set!
Spectacular @divergent Choosing Ceremony, filmed!! Hello to the fabulous #Amity #Candor background artists!
  Broke the rules on set..talked to Kate Winslet. Told her she was beautiful & she replied "thanks love you're so sweet" in her British accent

Katherine Tegan (of HarperCollins) who publishes Divergent shared this after meeting Kate Winslet:
"I met Kate Winslet on the Divergent set today. What does one say to a famous actress? Me to Kate: I’m the Publisher of DIVERGENT. Thank you for being in the film.” Kate’s response: “Oh, don’t be ridiculous! IT IS MY HONOR."

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Set Pictures: dbromo | Christy Gianneschi | Emma | Oliviae _88 | Ansel | Shelby |
Zoe Kravitz picture: Dion (cast member) 
Exterior/interior/street dressing pictures Via: IamDivergent
Video: MollyxGottfreid |

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