Wednesday 10 July 2013

SET PICTURES & VIDEO: Divergent Filming at the Illinois Institute of Technology (July 10)

As Divergent finishes filming in Chicago, some of the last scenes are being shot on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus, expected to last until Friday-inside a building known as the MTTC.
Lucky for us, a few people on the campus shared their pictures. Ansel/Caleb and Shailene/Tris are both present, and judging by the video and pictures, we think they are filming either scenes for the choosing ceremony, or another scene from the school. Ansel Elgort, sweet as always, met fans outside and posed for pictures.

Video. Pretty sure we spy Ansel/Caleb here! loading

RT : Love the family and fan base. Amazing last day. See you all on !!!
RT : I am at IIT and saw them setting up equipment and heard it was for
RT : is being set up on the campus.
RT @KiernanSanders: "Shooting in auditorium for the selection process & will green screen it into Sears Tower"

Sources: Vanessa Anter | Dauntless46 | IIT_Dining | FearlessLove13 | anna_ignes | Keirnen Sanders | Ktamarel | Eddie Skidmore |


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