Sunday, 7 July 2013

SET PICTURES & VIDEOS: Faction Action! Divergent Filming on the Streets of Chicago + Veronica & Ansel with Fans (July 7)

The Divergent movie set was buzzing with action today! Faction extras marched through the streets, and fans got to watch the filming go down. Divergent author Veronica Roth was spotted, and later signed books for fans and posed for photos, as did Ansel Elgort. We found out Kate Winslet has wrapped up her scenes as Jeanine Matthews and flown home, and today was also tony Goldwyn's last day! Aw.We also have an amzing video of the faction extras filming a scene we're told is possibly part of the opening credits. Check it out below, along with tons of pictures. Thanks to all the awesome people sourced below for sharing with us!



Shailene Woodley filming in the street. Apparently the scene being filmed is when factionless man approaches her.

Ansel Elgort with fans.

Veronica Roth with fans

"@Dauntless46: "She gave the man in this van a #Divergent book and a hug! So cute!"

Fans checking out the action on set, as tweeted by producer John Kelly. "Nice to see you all today!!!! Thanks for supporting the film!!"


More pictures of filming     

More Videos

Faction extras filming, walking along in small groups
Filming a scene on the set

Ansel meeting fans outside the set

Hundreds of extras walking through the street

On the set

@mamason0725 OMG just work up to the sound of heavy equipment out our window. They're covering the streets in dirt!
@BiancaVilia: Getting to wake up at a normal hour.... Still, had a great couple of days on set! :D #candor
@SylvyGrace Met @AnselElgort for the second time & he remembered me! Thank you so much Ansel, you are the best :)
@Marciegee: Hotel overlooks the Divergent movie filming! No joke! The street is covered in sand and there's hundreds of extras. 
@AnthonyPalacios: The Sun is just brutal on set right now but thank Jesus they got us all coach buses to go cool down #chicago
@girlsgonecast: Things have been quiet on Twitter, but not on set! Hit HUGE numbers all weekend! #Divergent Factions represent!
@Shelby19Wilson: @VeronicaRoth thank you so much for stopping and signing out books and taking pictures with us!! It meant the world

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