Saturday, 20 July 2013

Veronica Roth Announces ‘Allegiant’ Will Be From Both Tris and Four’s Perspectives

In case you missed in during all the excitement of Comic Con, Veronica Roth made a big announcement regarding Allegiant. Mind blown. We didn't see that one coming!

This is significant because both of the first two books, Divergent and Insurgent, were only from the perspective of Tris.

From Veronica: "So: why two POVs? Well, I tried repeatedly to write Allegiant in just Tris’s voice, but it didn’t work; her perspective, her way of seeing things, was a little too limited for the story I needed to tell. I wanted to do two things with it: A. let two characters experience different things, and B. let them react differently to the same things, so that I (and eventually, the reader) would get a better sense of the whole story, the whole picture.

I’ve said before that I’ve always seen Four (increasingly, as the series goes on) as a plot-mover alongside Tris, so he was the obvious choice for the second POV (though not the only one I tried). Exploring him and his choices and his assumptions about the world was incredibly interesting to me.
It was a big challenge, it took me a really long time, and I did my very best with it. I feel confident about the way it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! On October 22nd! AHH!"

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