Monday 30 September 2013

Barnes & Noble Edition of ALLEGIANT will Feature Exclusive Natalie Prior Journal Entries

Just 21 days to go until we finally get to own 'Allegiant', the third and final book in the Divergent series. Have you pre-ordered yours yet? Or maybe even multiple versions like us? (The hardback, naturally, and the eBook for gadgets.)

The B&N exclusive edition of the mega-bestselling series includes exciting bonus material in a segment titled: Natalie Prior's Journal: The Lost Entries.

These journal entries were discovered in the Prior house after the events at the end of Divergent. Most are from the early life of Natalie Prior, Tris's mother, but the last one, mysteriously addressed to 'David', is dated just a day before the Erudite attack occurred.

Who is this mysterious David???? What do you think?

Pre-Order ALLEGIANT from Barnes and Noble HERE

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