Friday 13 September 2013

NEW 'Divergent' Book Icon Cover Design + Special Edition Digital 'Insurgent' - UK

The UK Divergent Series Facebook Page revealed this fierce new icon cover for the Divergent book!

"Check out our brand new icon cover for Divergent, out 21/11! Watch this space for more..."

The symbol on the front is the Dauntless icon - the book version, not the movie version, and features flames along the bottom edge, along with a gold title treatment.

Is this a fresh redesign of the UK covers in preparation for the new readers that will come as promo for the movie gets underway? Or a special edition? Will there be redesigns for the rest of the series? (We believe there will as Insurgent is listed with a matching release date, price & title, just no cover.) We'll have to wait to find out! For now, you can pre-order this edition on Amazon UK HERE or on iBooks HERE. It will be available November 21 2013.

Click HERE for a close-up of the faction symbol on the cover 

Update: An Enhanced Digital Edition of Insurgent (Divergent #2) is also now available to pre-order for UK fans on iBooks. £6.99. Out September 26.
Features: Exclusive Author Videos: Interview & Q&A, Faction Manifestos, Short Story: Free Four, Divergent & Insurgent Playlists.
A similar version is already available in the US.

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