Monday 28 October 2013

New 'Divergent' Trailer To Be Shown in Cinemas Before Hunger Games 'Catching Fire'?

Update: It looks like this in particular trailer is actually for THE BOOKS not the movie. It wont be worldwide, just Australia, but we might see a sneak peek.
HarperCollinsYA: "Just to be clear, we've been looking at a cinema ad for the books, not the movies" Well, it was fun while it lasted. Not sure I've ever seen a book trailer at a cinema before. We're assuming Australians will be shown this alongside an actual movie trailer.

Anyway, we still fully expect to see a Divergent trailer before Catching Fire- since it will be one of the biggest movies of the year, but for now, we dont know if it will be new. We're also told by fans that the current trailer is already showing in some theatres right now. Have you seen it?

From HarperCollinsYA: "We've just seen the final version of the Divergent cinema ad which will be playing before Catching Fire. Looks amazing!"

HarperCollinsYA is the YA branch of Harper Collins in Australia, and Harper Collins is the publisher for the Divergent series.

It looks like a new Divergent trailer will be seen at Catching Fire showings! We expected as much, right? This little piece of info all but confirms it. We'll be heading to theatres to watch the latest Hunger Games installment anyway, but this just made it a whole lot sweeter. We're not sure yet if we'll get a chance to see this trailer before it appears in cinemas, but either way, nothing will beat seeing it on the big screen! Click HERE for worldwide Catching Fire release dates.

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