Friday 18 October 2013

Pictures, Video, & Interview: Miles Teller Talks 'Divergent', Auditioning for 'Peter', & More

Miles Teller is busy promoting his new movie 'That Awkward Moment', and in his latest interviews, he talks briefly about his role as Peter in 'Divergent', and about the buzz surrounding the movie.

There's also a gallery below featuring photo's from a fan Q&A with Awkward Moment co-stars Zac Efron & Michael B Jordan, and official portrait pictures.

Check it all out after the cut:

Access Hollywood
At the fan Q&A for his latest movie "That Awkward Moment", Miles Teller talks with Access Hollywood about his busy career, & talks Divergent:

Just Jared Interview:

Obviously, you also have Divergent coming up next year too. What was your audition process like for that?
MT: I didn’t have to audition. The director saw Shailene [Woodley] and I in Spectacular Now, and said, “Hey, would you be interested in this?” I originally auditioned for Four and that didn’t work out. And they’re like, “We think you would make a good villain. Would you want to play the role of Peter?” And I said “Yeah, sure.” I didn’t know much about him. I read the script, obviously. Once I was cast and people were talking about it online, I read the book after. I didn’t know that Peter was so hated.

But he does have a soft spot for Tris…
MT: He saves her life. I think in the third book, I think he’s going to come around even more.

Agreed! This is not the first film adaptation you’ve done. How do you go about it? Do you read the book or focus just on the script?
MT: You read the book I think because it gives you more information about someone, which I want. But at the same time…obviously, I read about two-thirds of Spectacular Now and then I think I just stopped because the more they were talking about this kid, that’s not how I was playing him. I didn’t want to get too invested in…the character in the book is a little more of a caricature.

Read the full interview at JustJared.


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