Wednesday 6 November 2013

NEW Divergent Movie Still Featuring TRIS & FOUR in His Fear Landscape!

Check out this new Divergent still from the upcoming movie, featuring Tris and Four in what looks like a scene from Four's fear landscape!
This can be found in the November issue of French magazine Première.

Below left: Photo of the magazine. Click for full size.
Below right: Photo of behind the scenes Tris during the aptitude test(?), along with Director Neil Burger. Update: As a commenter pointed out, Tris is actually wearing black, so what scene do you think this is?

Via: DivergentFanFrance


  1. I don't think the right picture is from an aptitude test because she's already wearing black soo. Idk.

  2. Tris's fear landscape maybe?

  3. Well spotted! It looks like the same chair she takes the aptitude test in, but she is indeed wearing black. Fear landscape sounds like a good guess.