Tuesday 5 November 2013

Sugarscape: Veronica Roth & Shailene Woodley Answer Fan Questions on Twitter

Divergent author Veronica Roth AND Divergent movie star Shailene Woodley took over Sugarscape's Twitter today to answer fans questions!

Here's a round-up:

Question: To Veronica Roth, are you sad that they Uriah was cut off from the first movie?
Veronica: A little bit although I think it'll be good ultimately 

Question: What's more important, being brave or being smart?
Veronica: Being smart about being brave! 

Question: Have you ever done anything dauntless?!
Shailene: Climbed a ferris wheel and jumped off a train!

Question: If you were at the choosing ceremony, which faction would you choose?
Shailene: Not Abnegation - it would be between Dauntless and Amity

Question: Who's the funniest cast member?
Both: Miles Teller, although Christian's impressions are great

Question: Do you want a tattoo?
Shailene: Yes, although a traditional one. It would have to be important and have a story

Question: Who played the most pranks on people on set?
Veronica: Miles Teller, he impersonated me on set - Veronica (Read that funny story HERE)

Question: Veronica, did you cry writing allegiant? ILYSM ily
Veronica: I cried a LOT revising it, but I think I was on denial just after I finished writing

Question: What were your favorite book-to-movie adaptations? Sending love girls! :D
Both: Harry Potter - hands down for both of us!

Question: If you could play any other character in Divergent, who would it be?
Shailene: Probably Peter or maybe Four. I think he's my other favourite
Veronica: Jeanine, although I couldn't do it better than Kate Winslet

Question: What Hogwarts houses would you be in? 
Veronica: Hufflepuff
Shailene: Gryffindor 

Question: Favorite song at the moment?
Veronica: Lorde's Tennis Court
Shailene: Lykke Li's new one

Question: Which scene are you most excited to see in the movie???
Shailene: The big fight with Four. Theo is so strong, I can't wait to see it.

Question: Would you rather be Divergent or factionless?
Both: Divergent for both of us, for sure!

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