Thursday 19 December 2013

Forbes: 'DIVERGENT' is the Second Most Buzzed About 2014 Movie

According to social media research firm Fizziology, DIVERGENT is the second most buzzed about movie online, after Fast & Furious 7. This is good news because the more interest and support gained for the movie, the more chance we'll get to see sequels made.

Forbes: "Divergent is the second most buzzed about 2014 film on social media. Based on the best-selling young adult series by Veronica Roth, the first Divergent film hits theaters in March. A trailer for the film showed with Catching Fire, which has grossed $732 million to date. If the same fan base turns out for Divergent, it could be a huge hit. While other young adult adaptations have faltered (Beautiful Creatures, Ender’s Game), many believe Divergent has the best chance of being the next Hunger Games."

DIVERGENT is also #5 on Fandango's Most Anticipated 2014 Movie's list.

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