Wednesday 18 December 2013

Shailene Woodley Interview Featured in 'Total Film' Magazine + New TRIS Still on Cover

Divergent star Shailene Woodley 'Tris' features on the subscribers only special cover for February 2014 issue of Total Film magazine.

She'll certainly be our hero of 2014!

The still is slightly different to similar stills we've seen before. This cover is only available if you are a subscriber, but the article is available in all editions of the magazine. It''ll be on sale Friday.

The magazine also features an interview with Shailene that took place back when she visited the UK in November. We've transcribed it below, or check out the scans:

ARTICLE: "For a girl who wants to protect her anonymity and yearns to work in a bakery, Shailene Woodley isn’t exactly going about it the right way. Having impressed with her sparks debut as George Clooney’s sulky teen daughter in The Descendants, the 22 year old has landed a couple of the most high-profile franchises in Hollywood – with the potential to go multi-sequel and make her a household name. Having auditioned for the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games, Woodley, with misgivings, went up for the lead in Divergent, an adap of Veronica Roth’s compulsive YA dystopian future trilogy and a new pretender to Miss Everdeen’s cinematic success. She got it.

Divergent Casting

“I said no when I got the offer,” Woodley recalls, striking a yoga tree pose and nursing herbal tea in a London hotel suite after a limb-cramping long flight from the US. “I was like, ‘I’m afraid about the lack of anonymity, that lifestyle if the movie does well, the amount of commitment even for publicity.”’ Convinced to re-assess by her mum (who reasoned that she liked the character and to turn down a film based on fame was like turning it down based on its budget – something she assures us she wouldn’t do), Woodley threw herself into training and ‘chemistry auditions’ to portray Tris, the kick-ass teen girl leading a revolution against a factioned and oppressed society in futuristic Chicago.

Stunts and Scars

A self-confessed outdoorsy type (she collects her own water from mountain springs and forages for food), Woodley was keen to do most of her stunts and still has the scars to prove it (Its kind of fun to see the scars on my knee and go, “That was a great day’,”). And she stepped up to lead a team of hot young actors (including Jai Courtney, Zoe Kravitz, Christian Madsen and Theo James) in a summer camp-esque location shoot in Chicago. 

Though fun, the pressure on Woodley to pull-off a J-Law and launch a franchise was palpable when Total Film visited the set in May. But, post-filming, she’s now viewing the role as an opportunity rather than a prison. “I feel very grateful for Divergent – knowing that if it does well, I’m going to have one big movie a year,” she muses, rationalising that, in Clooney-style, one big movie gives her more chances to go after the indie film roles close to her heart.

Mary Jane

Of course, 2014 might have been a year of two monster roles, but while she was filming Divergent, Woodley heard that her performance as Mary Jane in another big franchise – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – had been nixed with a view to revisiting the character in later, less character-packed films. “It was a surprise,” she confesses with a shrug and a smile, unfazed at discussing something that was not always reported kindley at the time. “MJ was introduced in the movie and she had three scenes and she’s such an iconic role. When I initially got the call I was like, ‘What? Really?’ But when I thought about it, it makes total sense. There was like one night of, ‘Oh my God! Freak out!’ And after that I was totally fine. MJ is definitely coming back but I don’t know that I can do it, timing-wise. Its kind of a bummer, but at the same time I’m an avid believer that everything is meant to be.  Clearly if I’m not supposed to do it, I’m not supposed to do it.”

White Bird in a Blizzard, TFIOS

That’s no blustering excuse from the zen-like Woodley. Shes potentially up for two more Divergent films (including a gut-punch finale for her character) and has a number of smaller passion projects on the way. She battled hard to win the role of teen caner-sufferer Hazel in bestseller adap The Fault in Our Stars (she lopped off her long chesnut hair for the part and is currently hiding her crop in a cozy beanie) and is getting sexy in Gregg Araki’s adap of another beloved book, White Bird In A Blizzard. “White Bird is definitely in the vein of Mysterious Skin,” she enthuses. “Its dark, its sexy, its messed up, its so sad and its so Araki.”

Taking a Break

With all three in the can and ready to go, Woodley is now taking stock and looking for next project – both personally and professionally. “I’ve done five movies in the past year. Its been such a blessing and at the same time I need to take a break. I need to know me. I think I’ve done so many young adult films because that’s how old Ive been, but now Im getting this sense of becoming a woman and I want some life experience. I want to do some travelling. Maybe get a job in a bake shop or a tea shop. I don’t know!”

With her future slate, her scone-serving days may be numbered…

Thanks to JACK for the scans.

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