Thursday, 23 January 2014

DIVERGENT Movie Fans Break Record in Round 3 of the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl

As you may be aware, we've pushing and voting like crazy to get DIVERGENT all the way to the final in the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl.

Earlier today after an amazing come back against 'Maps to the Stars', we reached the Final Four! It was tough beating the impressively sized Robert Pattinson fan base, but the initiates came through and voted in what MTV called "unprecedented" numbers. (Also, hello new TRIS still from @Divergent on the left!)

MTV:  "In the Elite Eight, Robert Pattinson's "Maps to the Stars" was the clear favorite for several days, until Initiates rallied in unprecedented numbers, pulling "Divergent" past the finish line."

And this seems to be confirmed by these unofficial voting numbers floating around on IMDB, Twitter, and other sites:

Round 3
Maps to the Stars.......15,037,152

That's an impressive total of: 32,221,906 MILLION votes. HOLY PANSYCAKES. Both sets of fans can pat yourselves on the back. To put it into perspective, these were the results from other rounds/matches:

Round 3
Veronica Mars........1,335,181
Mockingjay 1.........1,334,492

Round 2

Round 2
Maps to the Stars..... 3,132,989
X-Men..................... 1,315,101 

Previous MTV Movie Brawl winners: 2012 - Cosmopolis (Robert Pattinson), 2013 - Catching Fire (Hunger Games)

Update: Congrats to Veronica Mars who went on to the competition! And congrats to Divergent fans for AGAIN helping to break the voting record in the final four, with a total of around 87 MILLION votes in that round between Divergent and Vampire Academy.


  1. What are the numbers got the final four round?

    1. No idea, we found the numbers for these by chance. Must be high though.

  2. Final 4:
    Vampire Acadamy: 46,108,808
    Veronica Mars: 41,269,793
    Maze Runner: 9,410,343