Friday 31 January 2014

New Pictures of Shailene Woodley from BUST Magazine Photoshoot

We posted some images of Shailene Woodley featured in BUST Magazine a few days ago, here are some new shots, some from before in better quality, and a glowing opinion of the actress:

Photographer Michael Lavine on Shailene Woodley:

"When Shailene sauntered up the hill in her baggy jeans and ripped white tee shirt I could tell that I was dealing with a different kind of Hollywood star. She was carrying jars of homemade teas in a half torn box and she could not have been any friendlier. Not a lot of drama to report here about our shoot except that the whole crew was really nice, the location was beautiful and lunch was tasty, we simply had a lovely time shooting around the yard and by the pool. I videotaped the interview but never got around to editing it so you will have to read it in the new issue of BUST Magazine. On a side note, I was at Sundance last week and was able to catch Shailene’s new film White Bird in a Blizzard. Based on the book by Laura Kasischke, the story follows a young woman who is dealing with the sudden disappearance of her mother. I was really impressed with her highly charged performance and I am very much looking forward to seeing what she does with her next big role in the upcoming blockbuster Divergent!"

Two we saw before, now in better quality


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