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Countdown to DIVERGENT - Faction Day: ABNEGATION


As part of the countdown to DIVERGENT, fan sites have got together to post something new everyday until the movie hits theaters. Today kicks off Faction Days, and in turn we'll be dedicating the next 7 days to all 5 factions, plus the factionless, and the Divergent.
We're beginning with the first faction we are introduced to, the Abnegation, in which Tris is born into:

In Divergent, society is divided into 5 factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue.


Each year, all 16 year old's are required to take an Aptitude Test. The purpose of the test is to discover a disposition towards one of the five traits of the five factions (left). It provides a good indication of what faction a person should choose based on his/her predominant characteristic.

The next day in the Choosing Ceremony test-takers must choose which faction they will enter into. They can either leave their family and choose an entirely new faction or they can remain where they are. The aptitude test result should be taken into account but the decision is ultimately their choice.

DEFINITION: [Pronounced: Ab-neg-ay-shun] l. to refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce. 2. to relinquish; give up. --active forms of ­stripping things from your life. As opposed to relinquish, give up-- more passive.

HISTORY: Abnegation was formed by those who blamed selfishness for human nature's errors. They believe in selfless actions and attaining peace through the elimination of selfishness. By doing so, they choose to completely forget themselves and only serve others.

My curiosity is a mistake, a betrayal of Abnegation values.
-Tris (Pg 12)

ABNEGATION SECTOR: The houses in the Abnegation sector resemble military-style housing. All are painted the same neutral tone and personalization of the exterior is strictly prohibited.


"The houses on my street are all the same size and shape. They are made of gray cement, with few windows, in economical, no-nonsense rectangles.  To some the sight might be gloomy, but to me their simplicity is comforting."

TRAITS: Sit quietly and wait. Bow heads, a sign of respect, when greeting each other. Not manipulative, but not forthright. Their morally incorruptible quality makes them the only reasonable faction to be able to govern the city as political leaders. Leaders are typically hand-picked from Abnegation, as it is generally believed that the faction's desire to put others before themselves are the key factors for true leadership that renders a ruling government incorruptible.

Members are expected to be compliant to others at all times, even if that person is in Abnegation as well. They take the stairs and allow the elevators to be used by others. It is not unnatural for strangers on the streets to see an Abnegation helping them with anything such as carrying their groceries or treating their injury. Immoral actions are not a trait of an Abnegation such as the usage of guns for violence. The faction mandates that guns be only used for self-defense. Because of their apparent submissive nature, other factions often think of them as weak.

When I look at the Abnegation lifestyle as an outsider, I think it’s beautiful. When I watch my family move in harmony; when we go to dinner parties and everyone cleans together afterward without having to be asked; when I see Caleb help strangers carry their groceries, I fall in love with this life all over again. It’s only when I try to live it myself that I have trouble. It never feels genuine.
-Tris (Pg 24)

PHYSICAL TRAITS: Clothing is gray or neutral toned and simple. This allows them to blend into the background in order to avoid calling attention to themselves. Their clothing is simply designed and loose, to encourage modesty. The only adornment allowed is a watch. Female Abnegation typically wear their hair in a bun/knot.

Members are only allowed to stand in front of the mirror on the second day of every third month for a haircut.


ABNEGATION INITIATION: The initiates, who will spend thirty days performing community service before they can become full members, sit side by side on a bench while one of the older members reads the Abnegation manifesto. Then all of the older members wash the initiates feet. They all share a meal, each person serving food to the person on his left.  

NICKNAME: 'Stiffs'. Stiff is slang for Abnegation, and is commonly used by the Dauntless to describe those from Abnegation.

RELATIONS: On good terms with Amity; unknown relationship with Candor; on neutral terms with Daunless but opposing views on violence. Abnegation transfers to Dauntless are rare, as are transfers to Erudite and vice-versa. Abnegation, despite being seen as peaceful, neutral, and calm, have a fierce ongoing rivalry with the Erudite. Abnegation is in charge of the government, and the Erudite, who seek power, believe that they are in fact selfish people who only provide for their own faction.  Parents and family of the Abnegation who switched to Erudite cannot visit their children, as Erudite have banned the Abnegation from entering their compound.

Few people who are born into Abnegation choose to leave it. When they do, we remember.
-Tris (Pg 34)

 CURRENT LEADER: Marcus Eaton. 



"I will be my undoing If I become my obsession.
I will forget the ones I love If I do not serve them.
I will war with others If I refuse to see them.
Therefore I choose to turn away from my reflection,
To rely not on myself
But on my brothers and sisters,
To project always outward
Until I disappear."

Other facts mentioned in the book:
  • Taught that physical contact is powerful, displayed affection is rare. 
  • Eat dinner at the table. They always pass food to the right and wait to eat until everyone has been served.
  • Eat plain food and don't drink alcohol.

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