Sunday 9 March 2014

Countdown to DIVERGENT - Fan Made Video Spotlight

Divergent fan sites have been banding together to bring you giveaways, trivia, chapter summaries, character features, faction days, and more every day until the movie is released. Today we spotlight some of the fan made videos in the fandom. Because we love when fans get creative! Check them out below. Know of any good ones we've missed? Have you made one? Let us know in the comments.


Theo James Specials: Because.

Shailene Woodley Moments: She's so cute.

Fan Art Divergent Video: Pretty cool.

The Allegiant one: SORRY IN ADVANCE.
(contains dialogue from the 3rd book FAIR WARNING)

The Eminem One: Actually works surprisingly well.

Four/Tris Appreciation Videos:

The Imagine Dragons One: Because you haven't made it as a fandom until you have a video set to Radioactive.

Some Ansel Elgort Love:

The Funny: There will be loads more of these before year is out, we have a hilarious bunch of jokers.

Faction Fashions:

Special Mentions: More cute videos.


And in the spirit of fan videos, here's a bunch of fan reaction videos we mashed together when the Divergent trailer was released:

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