Tuesday 4 March 2014

DIVERGENT Tour Day 1 Master Post - Photos, Videos, Screenings, Reactions

Day 1 of the Divergent tour saw cast members visiting different cities to to attend mini red carpet events and screenings of the movie. Unfortunately one of the events was cancelled due to weather! The rest of the events went ahead, and you can check hundreds of photos below that capture the excitement of the evening, as well as reactions from fans who saw the movie for the very first time. All credit to the sources listed at the end of the post.

Atlanta - Theo James & Shailene Woodley

High Res Part 1

High Res Part 2

Fan Pics


Beat boxing Theo for the win.

via maliciousmandy

 via YeahLetsGo

Theo and Shailene answer questions in Atlanta (audio)

Via YeahLetsGo

Fans getting excited before the cast arrived. Apparently it was crazy loud in there! Good work.

Fan Report from MARY: shailene and theo as we already know are just so adorable and humble! gosh they’re perfect. For example I went up to shai and told her she looked beautiful and she goes “oh thank you I’m wearing so much make up right now” “aw but you don’t need it!" “aww! thank you! I don’t like wearing it! ” & she was so sweet just greeting the fans and signing what she could and asking how they were and just oh my she’s so perfect!

And theo! I held my magazine for him to sign from him with a photoshoot in us weekly and he points to the picture and goes “woah! who’s this guy?!” & I go! “that’s you! you’re sexy self!” then he winks and goes “nahhh he’s way sexier than I am! “

Being the 5”2 short little girl that I am! I kept screaming for him to take a selfie with me and he saw me being trampled by other girls so he grabbed my phone and said “here I’ll take a selfie with you!” & when he saw the pic he goes
“oh yeah rockstars!” I love you all so much and wish you were all there with me to witness the best time of my life! It was truly magical.

Orlando - Ansel Elgort & Veronica Roth


Denver - with Ben Lloyd Hughes & Christian Madsen

Apparently there was some kind of mix up with tickets at this event. Whatever happened, we're sorry if any of you guys were affected and missed out!

Washington: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer 
(event cancelled due to weather)

Videos of the crowds:

Fan Reactions after watching the movie:

High Res Pics: JustJared  | TJBrasil
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