Wednesday 5 March 2014

DIVERGENT Tour Day 2 Master Post - Photo's, Videos, Interviews with the Cast

Day 2 of the Divergent tour! The cast members continued visiting different cities to attend mini red carpet events and screenings of the movie. Today they were in Chicago, Dallas, St Louis, & Detroit. Check hundreds of photos & videos below. All credit to the sources listed at the end of the post.

Chicago: Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Veronica Roth, Amy Newbold

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ABC 7 Coverage from the premiere including brief interviews with cast & Veronica 

Interviews with Theo, Veronica, Ansel, & Amy. From Fangirlishness

Video of Shailene and Ansel hugging

Hollywood Chicago Coverage from the Divergent Red carpet Event - Theo, Shailene, Veronica, Ansel, & Amy

YoungAdultHollywood chats to Shailene and Theo

1. Ansel gives away screening tickets to fans at the red carpet.
2. Ansel sends a message to one of our favorite fans, ladyoferudite :)

Fan pictures:

Thanks to DivergentTris 

Pics Thanks to Epic Reads

Dallas: Miles Teller and Jai Courtney

 Fan Pictures

Fan by pictures by Janettpeacelove. Thanks for sending us these!

"So let me start by saying that I completely LOVED the Divergent Movie!! Omg it was AMAZING!!!!! Yea they didn’t add some things but it didn’t make a huge effect on the movie. Theo James as Four Holy jesus!!!! He was awesome!!! Kinda scared me sometimes jaja! But he was omg AMAZING!! I meet Miles and Jai also and omg they were soooo nice!! Miles was so sweet and funny! He made me laugh sooo much! I cannot wait to see the movie again!!!

Fan Pics by Youngadulthollywood

Looking back on the experience Wednesday morning in Dallas, Teller, who plays Peter, and Courtney, who plays Eric, took turns being bemused and busting chops like old buddies.

“It was fun,” says Courtney, who just landed the lead in the upcoming Terminator reboot.   “It was kind of crazy, but no one was getting tackled. Whether that’s yet to happen, who knows.”

“You feel like you’re in a boy band or something,” says Teller, who was superb in last year’s The Spectacular Now.

Courtney:  “I didn’t feel that way. But you might have.”

Teller: “That’s because all the girls were screaming, Miles! We’re here purely for Miles! We love him! He’s so cool!”

Courtney: “That kind of takes the pressure off me.”

Teller: “Well, you’re always the second most attractive person in the room. That’s a nice freedom to have. Those are Peter’s Princesses out there.”

Courtney:  “This is [expletive] hilarious. You’re actually going to coin that phrase.”

Teller:  “This girl had a sign that said, I’m Peter’s Princess! That’s getting rowdy. I’m glad security was there. Without that it could have been a little bit weird.

Courtney – “I don’t have princesses.”

Teller: “How about…Eric’s Idols?”

Video Interview

St Louis: Ben Lloyd Hughes and Christian Madsen

Fan Pics

Fan pics


Interviews thanks to Fangirlishness

Trevor o'conner Interviews Ben and Christian 

Detroit: Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer


Fan Pics

HighRes Pics: Flawless Maggie | HQ Celeb | JustJared  | Shailenewoodleydaily | TJamesBrasil

Fan Picture sources: PolishedPage | B96 | PassiveReflex | Dianne | EpicReads | Shelby Wilson | AnselElgort | Sasha | Ditacannon | Emma | Sarah | Melanie | Miranda | Becca | Alyssa | Vince | itzel | Mamacougar | Nabiha | MollyPotter | Showbizshelly | Ashley | iamfandom | Karina | iamericvincent | AdrienneWrites | Hannah | Ridley | Natalie | Nina | James | kayla | Heather | Mekhi | TheDivergentnet | redcarpetendings | Renee |

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