Monday 10 March 2014

DIVERGENT Tour Day 3 & 4: Master Post - Photos, Videos, Interviews with the Cast

Day 3 and 4 of the Divergent tour recap is up! The cast members continued to visit different cities to attend mini red carpet events and screenings of the movie. This time they were in Toronto, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Check hundreds of photos & videos below.

Toronto - Theo James & Shailene Woodley

HighRes Photos Via DailyMail & JustJared

Photos thanks to Scenecreek

More Photos


ET Interview on the carpet

Entertainment City Interview with Shailene and Theo. (The pair hug too, aww.) Gotta love how patient or funny they always are when faced with the same questions over and over.

Interview with Theo and Shailene - They talk outfits, fears, and filming.

Will Wong talks to Theo about where he was when he found out the news he had been cast, and Shailene says she loves Toronto!

Minneapolis - Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort

HighRes Photos

Fan Pics


Miami - Ben Lloyd Hughes & Christian Madsen

High Res Photos

Photos thanks to Youngadulthollywood

Fan Pic


Thanks to YoungAdultHollywood

San Francisco - Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer

HighRes Photos - Waytoindie

Fan Pics


Thanks to pagetopremiere

Phoenix - Miles Teller & Jai Courtney

Photos thanks to Nerdophiles:


Day 5: Seattle - Miles Teller & Jai Courtney

Love this vine.



HighRes: JustJared | Daily Mail | Zimbio
Toronto: Kevin Focus One | eTalk | Indigo Events |
San Fran: IamDivergent |
Seattle: Jess | Sam | Kim | Tracey | PeoplesCritic | @yungmileyray | Emily | Sierra |
Minneapolis: Mak |
Miami: Sasha |

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