Wednesday 3 September 2014

Brave DIVERGENT Fan Meets Theo James & Cast on the INSURGENT Set Via Make-A-Wish

Divergent fan Kaitlin Lehman could give Tris Prior a run for her money when it comes to being brave.

Kaitlin, who loves dancing and doing cart-wheels (we can relate) was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a relatively rare form of cancer) back in May 2013, and given a 20% chance of survival. This year she beat the odds and kicked it's ass Dauntless style, and is on the road to recovery.

It was Make-A-Wish day on the set of Insurgent last week (Make-a-Wish foundation is a charitable organization that helps children with life-threatening medical conditions) and Kaitlin was all set to meet hero Theo James who as you know plays FOUR in the movie. Unfortunately a few days before, she had an accident that resulted in a hairline fracture on her shin bone. Her mother posted this on Facebook:
August 24: "She was in quite a bit of pain earlier but it seems be easing up. She cannot bear any weight on that foot and obviously can't walk in a splint, so she needs to be carried or in her wheelchair."
Obviously Kaitlin didn't want to go to the set like this, a girl wants to meet THEO JAMES feeling her best, after all. So she asked if she could postpone:
August 24: "The Make a Wish team has said that in their 20 years doing celebrity wishes, they've never seen a production company and actor go through all the stops for a wish this was going to be one humdinger of a wish thanks to Theo James. So...up in the air and praying she feels better tomorrow!!!!"
August 26: "Well, Kaitlin had requested to postpone her Make-a-Wish until her leg healed and she was out of a cast... But they called today and told us the production company would postpone a few days for her. When does that ever happen??!! They are moving the production schedule of Insurgent for our little Dauntless??!! WOW. Kaitlin really struggled with this decision, tears were shed and ultimately she realized this was a once in a lifetime chance. So we are going! Leaving sometime in the next 48 hours! Our home finally had some positivity tonight!! She sees an orthopedist tomorrow to hopefully replace the splint with a cast to provide for a little more mobility. Yay!!
August 27: "Thank you Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties, Make-A-Wish Atlanta, Theo, Shai, Ansel, Toni, Kerri, Jesse, the Producers and everyone who made today absolutely magical! It was way beyond Kaitlin's wildest expectations!! We couldn't take pics or share details until the movie's all our secret!!! And amazing news Kaitlin was invited to the premiere in March!! Feeling so blessed and inspired by such kind and thoughtful people who took sooo much time to hang out with my girl & our family today!!! It was truly Wish come true!!!"
How awesome. We're so happy for Kaitlin and her family, and hope it'll be a memory she treasures forever. Stay strong Kaitlin, you're one super-cool, inspiring chick!

 Fellow fans can support Kaitlin by:
  • Pressing LIKE Kaitlin’s Village on Facebook
  • Donating to Kaitlin: Bumblebee Foundation c/o the Lehman Family
  • Sending postcards from anywhere and everywhere with notes of encouragement as part of the Postcards4Kaitlin campaign.  Mail to: Kaitlin, c/o Melissa Black, 9 School Street,Sunderland, MA 01375
  • Host a lemonade stand or cupcake store and donate the proceeds to The Bumblebee Foundation to help Kaitlin and other local families battling pediatric cancer in need.
  • Support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September by wearing a gold twibbon on Twitter.

Thanks for the heads up FYeahTheoJames


  1. OMG! This is so Cool! Kaitlin is definetly a Dauntless girl....I'm só Happy for her ♥the Insurgent production company was awesome ♥

  2. Kaitlin is super brave and I hope her dreams and more came true. I want to tell her to keep believing in her dreams because the more she believes the more wishes will come true.
    To who ever is reading this comment, weather your another person fighting cancer or a curious girl (like me)- "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear." No matter who you are in this world, you can over come any fear as long as there is hope with you.
    And to Kaitlin, you are a lucky and special girl. Keep that in your heart always.
    <4 Sophie

  3. wow shes more dauntless than the hottest guy ever aka theo james.

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