Saturday 25 May 2013

SET PICTURES + VIDEO: Divergent Factions Filming in Chicago + Shailene Woodley (May 25)

Awesome new shots from filming today reveal faction entrances being set up in Chicago. And on a second set we have pictures of Shailene Woodley/Tris Prior and what looks like Dauntless initiates standing beside the tracks.


Shailene or her stunt double standing on the fake tracks.


More filming: Dauntless, tris stunt double, green screens.

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These look like faction entrances, we're guessing for the school. 

A close up shot of Shailene as Tris


Dauntless initiates standing beside a track.You can also see green screens.


Members of Dauntless walk around on the fake tracks

Shailene or her stunt double on the tracks.

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