Monday 8 April 2013

CASTING NEWS: Marcus Eaton, Molly, & Max Cast + Filming Begins  

The Divergent movie twitter officially announced Ray Stevenson (Dexter) will be playing Marcus Eaton, the father of Tobias in Divergent,  Mekhi Phifer (E.R) will be playing Max, the Dauntless leader, and Amy C. Newbold will be playing Dauntless initiate Molly.

Ray had been rumored for a while, (as had Molly and he has mentioned being involved with project berfore, but we're happy its now all official.

It was also announced that filming has officially BEGUN! 

Veronica Roth on" Marcus & Max: I'm pretty excited! I think Ray and Mekhi are spot on, great matches for the Marcus and Max in my head. Also, yes, shooting did in fact BEGIN TODAY.
It still seems so unreal to me that any of this is happening."

Veronica Roth on Molly: "My fellow Chicagoan, Amy Newbold, was also cast as Molly, Tris's fellow initiate and nemesis (which you may already know, but what you may not know yet is that she is awesome!)."

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