Thursday 22 August 2013

SET PICTURES: Behind The Scenes Photos Shared By Divergent Crew

Here's a round up of pictures shared by the Divergent crew that we haven't posted before. 
Top we have a group shot with some of the main cast set chairs posing together. Bottom left is from shooting on the El train, shortly after the main filming wrapped. Bottom right is the VFX crew shooting on a train set a couple of weeks ago.
More pictures, including green screens after the cut.
VFX shoot earlier this month. We dont know what a train plate shoot is, but we're sure it's awesome. Shared by Executive Producer John Kelly (the guy who was always lovely to fans visiting the set)

Another by John Kelly. Wrap on the VFX shoot. (And our last received 'filming' picture!)

Aw. Four and Tris set chairs. Shared by John Kelly shortly before filming wrapped.

 Veronica Roth's set chair, shared by her just after filming started. Not new but thought we'd include it with the other set chairs.

"It's a green, green world.." From visual effects producer Greg Baxter.

Shooting on the El train. Shared by John Kelly

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