Monday 19 August 2013

Veronica Roth Clears Up Allegiant Rumours + Reveals The Character She Almost Killed Off

Veronica Roth sets the record straight on her tumblr about the Allegiant rumours buzzing around the internet, which character she tried to kill off in Insurgent (!!), and what her writing plans are after Allegient is released:

On Allegiant rumours:

So, every so often an Allegiant “spoiler” will pop up on Tumblr or on Twitter and I get a lot of frantic questions about it. It’s kind of tough to answer those questions, and here’s why:

Reader: “Is it true you said Tobias doesn’t die in the third book? I saw it on Tumblr!”
Me: “It is not true that I said that. I never said anything about who dies or who doesn’t die.”
Reader: “Ahh! This must mean that he DOES die!”
Me: “No, it doesn’t!”
Reader: “So you’re saying he doesn’t?! I am so relieved!”
Me: “I am not saying that either! All I’m saying is that I didn’t say that thing that Tumblr said I said.”
Reader: “Wait, what?”

And so on.

I love that so many people are so concerned about what happens in book 3, because it means that you care, and that is awesome. I am lucky to have readers who want to throttle me for answers, really. I’m just trying to find a way to clarify things without alarming anyone with the pesky limitations of the English language, so here are the things I have actually said about Allegiant:

-It contains both Tris and Tobias’s POVs (points of view), alternating by chapter. (More on that here.)
-It is slightly longer than Divergent and Insurgent
-In it, you will find out what’s outside the fence

…and I’m pretty sure that’s it? And honestly, it’s pretty much all I will say before it comes out, because I want everyone to have a clean slate when they crack it open. Or as clean a slate as possible.

I feel like we need a word for “I did not say [insertspoilerhere] but I’m not saying it’s not true and I’m not saying it is true, I’m just saying that I didn’t say it.”
Maybe it can be…shenanigans? As in:

Reader: “Veronica, did you say THIS?”
Me: “Shenanigans!”
Reader: “Ah, that clears it up.”

I’m going with it.

In other news, I am REALLY enjoying reading some of your theories about what’s going to happen. We will see if you are right…on October 22nd.
Or whenever you get around to reading it. It’s cool. 68 days left!

The character she tried to kill off:

I tried SO HARD to kill Marcus in the second book, over and over again, but the man just continued to live! It was very frustrating. But in retrospect, I think it was for the best.

Her plans after Allegiant? For now, she's concentrating on the 4 'Divergent' short stories from 'Four' POV:

This is a common question I’m getting, so I’ll publish my answer publicly and consider it answered:

RE: your question, I may be done with Allegiant, but I’m not done with the short stories, so that’s what I’m working on in the short term. In the long term, I’ll be taking a little break, watching this movie stuff unfold, and generally letting my life get a little quieter for awhile.

However, I do love to write, and I don’t intend to stop. I do have a bunch of ideas for what to do next, but I never share that kind of thing before it’s finished because I wouldn’t want people to get attached to an idea that doesn’t actually end up working for me. So, I don’t know what will be next for me, or when!

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