Saturday 25 January 2014

DIVERGENT Movie Reshoots/Additional Filming - Set Photos (Jan 24/25)

Hundreds of extras were on hand this weekend for last minute reshoots/additional filming for the DIVERGENT movie. They're a normal part of the film making. During post production the Director may decide they want a scene done a different way, or want to add extra scenes, etc, you get the idea. We don't know how many of/if the main cast were included, but Ashely Judd (Natalie Prior) was sighted, and Christian Madsen (Dauntless initiate 'Al') tweeted a picture of his trailer, tagged #reshoots. Filming is due to continue for the about a week in LA, with around 750 faction extras involved. Check out the pics below for a glimpse at the sets:

Faction extras - Lots of Abnegation grey.

Dystopian styled set

More extras filming at a school

Extras - Candor white jackets are visible, and Dauntless black.

Extra dressed as Amity is visible

More photos:


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