Monday 24 February 2014

Fan Sites Countdown to DIVERGENT - We Recap Chapters 11 - 16 from the Book

As part of the countdown to DIVERGENT, fan sites have got together to post something new everyday until the movie hits theaters.  Today is our turn, and we're recapping Chapters 11 - 16, which happen to be some of our favorite chapters. See all the countdown features that have been posted so far as well as previous chapter recaps HERE.

Chapter 11 - Field Trip

After a night of bad dreams, Tris sleeps through the alarm and is woken by Christina. She is feeling the effects of the fight with Peter the day before. "My body ache's so badly it hurts to breathe."
She struggles to get dressed, and Christina helps tie her shoes. "Maybe there is some Abnegation in everyone, even if they don't know it."

Al helps Tris get onto the train after they meet up with the other initiates. Peter see's this and taunts her. "Are feeling a little... Stiff?" ("Stiff" is the Dauntless nickname for Abnegation members.)

While on the train Tris wonders aloud what is beyond the fences surrounding the city.

The train stops by the fence, surrounded by fields. Four tells them that if they don't rank in the top 5 during Dauntless initiation, this where they will probably end up, as a fence guard.

We learn Four finished first in his initiation. But he chose not to go for a higher job, such as a government position. (Four works in the control room monitoring the city's security)

Tris sees former Abnegation member Robert at the Fence. He transferred to Amity and is there with some of his faction members picking apples. Their truck goes through the gate to the fields. Tris notes that strangely the gate is locked from the outside, instead of inside.

Four gives Tris some advice for the initiation fights. He tells her to attack first. Use her speed.

Chapter 12 Capture the Flag - Navy Pier

Tris fights initiate Myra, and wins.
The initiates are awoken by Dauntless members. They spot some paintball guns as they're told to jump on the train. They're about to play Capture the Flag.

Four explains that they will split into 2 groups. Each group has to hide their flag. Then find the other team's flag. The game is a Dauntless tradition.

Eric and Four are the team captains.
Eric picks: Edward, Peter, Molly, Al, & Myra
Four picks: Tris, Christina, Will & Drew. Uriah & Marlene are also on his team.

Four’s team goes to the Navy Pier to hide their flag at the Carousel. Tris decideds to climb the Ferris Wheel in order to spot where Eric's team is. Four follows her up

Tris shows no fear climbing up, and Four asks her "Are you human, Tris? Being up this high.. it doesn't scare you at all?" Four is afraid of heights. Tris wonders how he copes with that in Dauntless. He tells her he ignores his fear. He pretends it doesnt exist when he makes decisions.

On the way back down, the Ferris Wheel foothold breaks and Tris is left dangling. Four races down and turns on the Ferris Wheel and saves her. Their team eventually wins the game. Tris fools around with Uriah and friends on the train back.

Chapter 13 - Knife Throwing

The next day Eric tells the initiates they will be learning how to aim. He tells them to pick up their knives while Four demonstrates. Peter mocks Tris as she takes her time practicing technique without a knife. "Hey, Stiff, remember what a knife is?"

Tris is the first person to hit the target. Peter misses again. "Hey Peter, remember what a target is?"

Eventually everyone hits the target, except for Al, who keeps missing. Eric, who is in a bad mood from losing the game the night before, tells him to walk to the target and pick up his knives while the other initiates continue to throw. Al is scared, and refuses. Eric then stops everyone and makes Al stand in front of the target while Four throws knives at him, until he learns not to flinch. Tris speaks up against it, and Eric makes her take his place.

Four throws 3 knives, and the last one nicks her ear. Afterwards he tells her he did it on purpose, that he was doing her a favor. She doesn''t understand, and they argue before he walks out.

Chapter 14 - Fight

The day before visiting day. Tris notices she has developed muscles, her clothes are tighter.
Peter, Molly, & Drew taunt Tris. When she attempts to leave the room Peter grabs the towel from her body. She runs into a bathroom. She tells herself she will get her own back on them.

The initiation fights continues. Will fights Myra. Christina fights Al. Edward fights Peter. Tris fights Molly. Tris remembers Four's advice about using her speed, and wins. She keeps hitting Molly, getting her own back. Four has to drag her off. "I wish I could say I felt guilty about what I did. I don't."

Chapter 15 - Visiting Day

The families of the initiates are visting. Eric tells them to remember "faction before blood."
Eric praises Tris for yesterday. She finally feels a little guilt. "If Eric thinks I did something right, I must have done it wrong."

Some of the initiates families don't show up.  Tris doesn't expect to see her family, but then spots her mother. Natalie tells her that she isn’t allowed to visit Caleb because the Erudite are not letting any Abnegation into their compound.

Tris introduces her mother to Four. She comes to the realization that he was a transfer, and not a Dauntless born. Natalie notes that he looks familiar.

Tris meets Will and Christina's families, including Will's sister Cara.

Tris admits to her mom that her aptitude test was inconclusive. Natalie tells her she suspected as much. She tells her not to draw attention to herself. Tris still doesnt understand why being Divergent is dangerous. Natalie asks her to visit Caleb in Erudite and tell him to research the simulation serum. On her way out, she tells Tris "Have a pice of cake for me, alright? The chocolate. It's delicious."
Tris realizes her mother was Dauntless.

Chapter 16 - Butter Knife

Tris realizes that Al has feelings for her and she lets him down gently. He’s embarrassed.
That night at dinner with Christina, Al, & Will, they talk about the Aptitude test.

They talk about killing the dog in the test, and Tris has to admit she didn't. They ask how she got a Dauntless result? She says she didn't, that she got Abnegation, and she chose to come here. It's a half-lie. They ask why she chose Dauntless. She jokes that it was the food.

The initiates get the rankings for Stage 1 of Dauntless training, Tris is at #6, above Drew, Al, and Myra. Edward is top, above Peter. He is surprisingly quiet about it. That night, a scream wakes up the initiates. They discover someone has stabbed Edward in the eye with a butter knife. Tris keeps him calm until the nurse arrives. She notices the only initiates missing from the room are Drew and Peter. 

The next day, Tris and Will wish they didnt have a day off so they would have a distraction from what happened. "We could visit him," suggests Will. "But what would we say? 'I didnt know you that well, but I'm sorry you got stabbed in the eye'?" He doesnt mean it to be funny, but they both end up laughing. Sometimes you either laugh or cry. "Sorry," she says. "It's just so ridiculous."

Will quotes part of the Dauntless manifesto to her, "We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another." Dauntless was formed with good intentions, but it seems to have strayed from them. They know it is unlikely that Eric would punish Peter if they gave him up for what he did.

When they get back to the Dormitory they see that Myra and Edward’s bunks and drawers are empty. Christina tells them that they quit. Two of the Dauntless-born initiates were also cut, which allows the remaining seven transfers-initiates to stay.

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