Wednesday 19 February 2014

Countdown to DIVERGENT - The Fan Site Edition

Countdown to DIVERGENT - The Fan Site Edition

To celebrate the 30 day mark until DIVERGENT hits theaters, several Divergent Fansites have banded together to bring you giveaways, trivia, chapter summaries, character features, faction days, and more every day until DIVERGENT the movie is released.

 Day 5: 25 Days Until DIVERGENT

Link: Divergent Life Book Chapters Summaries 11 - 16
Link: Divergents UK Character Profiles: Eric & Max 

Day 4: 26 Days Until DIVERGENT

Link: DivergentTris Fan Made Trailer Spotlight
Link: TrisandFourSite Fan Made Trailer Spotlight

Day 3: 27 Days Until DIVERGENT

Link: IamDivergent Book Chapter Summaries 6 - 10
Link: FactionFour's Divergent Character Profile: Peter  

Day 2: 28 Days Until DIVERGENT

Link: Divergent Faction's DIVERGENT Fan Art Spotlight

Day 1: 29 Days Until DIVERGENT


Link: DivergentGuide's Divergent Character Profile: Jeanine Matthews

Announcement Day: 30 Days Until DIVERGENT

To kick it off, we're starting with this giveaway full of DIVERGENT goodies. Here's what's included in the prize:

1 Copy of the Divergent Entertainment Weekly Issue July 2013
1 Paperback copy of Divergent
1 Divergent Journal with Bookmark and stickers
1 Copy of “Inside Divergent: The Initiates World
Faction Tattoos
Copy of The Path to Allegiant
Divergent Buttons
Favorite Faction Pack including Bookmark, Patch, Pin, Tattoo and more
Divergent Promo Flyer - Opens into A3 Movie Poster
Divergent Poster
SDCC Divergent T-shirt

(Sorry international peeps, this time the comp is US only due to shipping costs, but we'll have more giveaways in the future)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway
Must be 16 years of age or have parental permission.
Contest ends February 26th at 12am.
Items will be shipped separately by respective fan site.

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