Friday, 28 February 2014

Countdown to DIVERGENT - Fan Site Edition - DIVERGENT Character Profile: AL & WILL

Day 9 of the countdown to DIVERGENT. Just 21 days to go! Divergent Fansites have banded together to bring you giveaways, trivia, chapter summaries, character features, faction days, and more every day until the movie is released. Today we bring you the profiles of Dauntless initiates Al and Will. For those that haven't read the book (anyone? bueller?) we wont post any spoilers.

Faction of Origin: Erudite
Chosen Faction: Dauntless
Age: 16

Profile: Will transferred from Erudite to Dauntless. During initiation he becomes friends with Tris, Christina, and Al. He knows bits of information about every topic imaginable and is never shy about offering them or about launching into scholarly explanations that interest no one. He memorized a map of the city and all the faction manifestos. He's jovial and good-natured, though as willing as anyone to poke fun at his over-intelligent tendencies. This vivacious warmth, unlike the coldly factual nature of most Erudite, led him to Dauntless. Like Tris, while Will liked some things about his former life, he yearned for something more, beyond the faction he'd always known.

Movie Facts: Will is portrayed by British actor Ben Lloyd Hughes. Ben was the victim of a prank by Miles Teller (Peter) while on set. Ben laughed when he told about how Miles sent him a balloon and a card and signed it from author Veronica Roth, after he'd told the cast members about how well they had hit it off. "I think he believed he was getting a spin-off," fellow cast member Ben Lamb said.

Favorite book quotes:

“Moths," repeats Will. "You're afraid of moths?" "Not just a cloud of moths," she says, "like...a swarm of them. Everywhere. All those wings and legs and..." She shudders and shakes her head. "Terrifying," Will says with mock seriousness. "That's my girl. Tough as cotton balls."

“We could visit him," suggests Will. "But what would we say? 'I didn't know you that well, but I'm sorry you got stabbed in the eye'?”

"Statistically should have hit the target at least once by now, even by accident...  I think you’re actually defying nature."

Faction of Origin: Candor
Chosen Faction: Dauntless
Age: 16

Profile: Al seems far too good-hearted and gentle to survive Dauntless initiation, and his friends Tris, Christina, and Will fear for his vulnerabilities. Al especially admires Tris and her growing strength, but she only pities his weaknesses. Al chose Dauntless because he liked the idea of a life devoted to protecting others, but he doesn't even seem quite able to protect himself in Dauntless. Instead, he appears to accept the fact that he might fail initiation and become factionless.

Movie Facts: Al is portrayed by American actor Christian Madsen (son of Michael Madsen).
The actors had a lot of fun off set, as they were in the same apartment complex. "I had the biggest balcony, so my place was the party place," says Christian Madsen. "We had some crazy nights there. Theo James once threw a box of Lucky Charms off the balcony!" Ha. Rock and roll. 

Favorite book quote: 

"I think it’s important to protect people. To stand up for people. Like you did for me.  That’s what the Dauntless are supposed to do right? That’s what courage is. Not...hurting people for no reason."