Friday, 28 February 2014

Zoe Kravitz Talks About Playing Christina in DIVERGENT +Features in ASOS & ALLURE

DIVERGENT's Zoe Kravitz talks to about playing Dauntless initiate "Christina" in the movie, what she liked about the character, and how she relates to her. Zoe is too cute! She also mentions her dad Lenny Kravitz who stars in the Hunger Games "we're trying to take over the world!" She admires the other cast members, and also talks about the fan base.
More interviews after the cut:

Zoe also features in ASOS magazine. Read the interview HERE.

ALLURE recently chatted to Zoe about DIVERGENT:

Tell us about your character in Divergent. "She kind of has foot-in-mouth syndrome. She says whatever comes to mind."
Are you at all like that? "Yes. I will always play the obnoxious girl."
Are you attracted to action movies? "When I think of girls in superhero films, I think of girls that I don't look like. But that's changing a bit, which is awesome. And they're really fun to make, honestly."
Read the full interview HERE.


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